Sunday, November 23, 2008

More on Trip to Europe

Amy has been posting about our current travels in South America (be sure to look there), so before I (Dad) share my own insights on Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay, I want to respond to the request for more photos of the Germany trip we went on in October.

1st from Tyson's file of interesting vehicles which he collected -a covered motorcyle, then a picture of the boys after the girls hit us with a cucumber facial (thanks to Janice Riggs), and a pic of Moritz with his dog Nemo, and Tyson -- they had a lot of fun together, especially throwing sticks and having the dog race after them.

Next, we have pictures of our boat tour of Hamburg Harbor, sitting on the side of the Alster Lake near the middle of Hamburg, and a shot of the boat which took us across the harbor to the professional theatre to view The Lion King -- a fabulous production with amazing sets, costumes, and music (sung in German, but we knew the gist of the story so it was okay).

Next, a few shots of the small town of Blankenese, which we visited on a short trip away from Hamburg. On a longer trip, to the East Germany city of Saaleck, we saw some great sights, like the photo below of the city, taken from a castle on the hill above, and of the kids at a lion monument also above the town on that ridge.

As noted earlier, we visited Leipzig and Weimar, old Germany cities with tremendous histories. The pics below are from those cities. First us with our good friend Johann Sebastian Bach, who was an organist and composer in the church behind. Then a shot of the fascinating old style architecture in Leipzig; finally a shot of the famous German writer & politician's home, that of Johann Goethe.

Hope you all enjoy these sights of Germany.


DB said...

Wow, it's so green and beautiful. I guess that's whay you had all the rain there.

debbie said...

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